Divorce – Dr. Veronica With Dr. Karen Ruskin

Divorce – Dr. Veronica Anderson W/ Dr. Karen Ruskin on Wellness for the Real World. The topic: Divorce and parental alienation, discussed live on air on Tuesday August 2nd 8-9PM. During this informative program I, Dr. Karen Ruskin marriage and parenting expert shared several key parenting tips for those of who are getting a divorce or are already divorced. A few important strategies to utilize include:

a) Communicate with your children through their various developmental stages to help them understand each person has a different reality of the experience.

b) Share with your children that “we will not be husband and wife, we will always be mother and father”.

c) Be mindful that how the parent copes will affect children of all ages short term and long term.

An informative program including an insightful line up of guests each with their own slant. Guests include Rosalind Sedacca, CCT (author How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce?), attorney David T. Pisarra of Men’s Family Law (author Man’s Guide to Child Custody); marriage and family therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin (author, The 9 Key Techniques); and attorney Caron Graff of Graff & Associates.

If you wish to hear my wrap up of this episode where I share my key tips during the final 15 minutes of this 1 hr program, and hear the many valuable insights shared by an informative number of guests, you may listen to this blog talk radio program on demand.

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