Does the Web Make You Mean?

Mean behind the protection of the computer screen- that is a far too common behavior that hurts not just the recipient, but the person who types these ugly words, as well as us all as a culture the more of a norm this behavior becomes. FOX 25 News Boston’s anchor Maria Stephanos developed a special report where she interviewed this relationship and mental health expert exploring; “Does the web make you mean?”

“As a culture, anytime we type something ugly on the computer it exacerbates an already existing condition that our culture is in the middle of, which is a non-analytical society lacking in compassion, and an instinctive impulsive reactive response”. This is the statement I verbalized during my interview with Maria for this special report.

In addition to the information presented during this special report, the talking points documented below are unheard concepts taken from my inner mind to yours, the reader, to allow you the opportunity to ponder this topic further as we consider our culture, a culture where being mean behind the protection of the computer screen has become more of the norm.

  • A clear example of;  we are living in a time where freedom of speech has gone amok, compassion is in a vanished waist-land, and thinking before you speak with care about negative output is of non relevancy for far too many.
  • The exacerbation of a negative talk instinct lacking in real informational input-output and rather simply output creates a non healthy relationship dynamic between self and self, self and others, and our culture as a whole.
  • This is symbolic for a culture where judgments are made from negative emotional impulses rather than intellectual interest and processing.
  • The computer allows for an empty retrieval system to where you do not have to confront the recipient. This lack of in-the-flesh dialogue promotes a no filter conversation culture. This reinforces output with no relationship interactional dynamic.
  • Without an input-output-input-output dynamic, people are free to nurture their negative emotional impulsive reactive response and not build their intellectual processing analytical muscle.
  • America has a bullying crisis between youth; live, face to face in their interaction with others, as well as through the use of the various forms of social media. Yet adults often are the worst culprits of nasty, mean, downright horrific documented output. Let us as adults lead by example and stop this madness, and help ourselves, others, and the youth of today to help the next generation to be less about reactive impulsive response and more about considering one’s actions in its connection to others and society as a whole.
  • Self expression is a powerful instrument, let us use our power judiciously.
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