FOX and Friends First With Relationship Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin

FOX and Friends First opens up the opportunity for viewers to submit their relationship questions this weekend for relationship expert Dr. Karen Ruskin to answer LIVE on Monday April 23rd during their program which airs 5am-6am.

Last month this new show debuted with the plan to be co-hosted by a rotating pair of various FOX News personalities. It offers viewers the wide range of information they want to know including; politics, entertainment, news, sports, and as you can see – mental health and wellness too!  To share my cutting edge insights and relationship expertise is a privilege.  I look forward to answering viewers’ questions this upcoming Monday. If you wish to submit a relationship question to FOX and Friends First, click here. Tune in and see if your question is answered.

UPDATE: If you missed this informative segment, click here to watch the show where relationship expert; Dr. Karen Ruskin answers viewers relationship questions during her interview by Patti Ann Browne on FOX & Friends FIRST.

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