FOX News Channels America Live W/ Dr. Karen Ruskin Obese Children Debate

Martha MacCallum on FOX News Channels ‘America Live with Megyn Kelly’ interviewed Dr. Karen Ruskin, Family Therapist and Meme Ross, Action Against Obesity, in a live debate today. Do you think parents of extremely obese children should lose custody for not controlling their children’s weight? In an opinion piece in  Wednesdays Journal of the American Medical Association, foster care is being suggested as an option. Specifically the assertion has been made that the government should be able to  remove children from their home if there is extreme obesity.

It is this parenting expert and family therapist’s contention that we need a better system in place that includes a team approach of medical doctors, family therapists, and nutritionists to help families, rather than removing children from their home. It is dangerous to assume there is abuse if a child is obese as there are other factors including but not limited to: health issues, economic challenges, and a lack of nutritional and parenting education.

A few significant points of interest from this therapist to my readers includes:

1. Removing a child from the home has long term damaging effects on a child’s: emotional, mental, intellectual, physical, and relational health and well being.

2. It is that very removal that is a traumatic life event upon which this loss and grief shall run deep through their veins through their lives.

3. Treatment should be within the family unit not detaching the unit and treating one member of the family, rather treat the entire family. The family is a system and each member within the system needs help as a whole for the entire system and the members within the system to run properly.

Read  FOX News Insiders Wall Chat posted by: America Live, Posted in: Health, Martha MacCallum entitled: ‘Debate: Should Government Remove Children From Families If They Become Obese?’

On July 14th, the day after this segment aired live it was re-played on America Live where Alisyn Camerota stated on air that this debate was “fiery”. View this debate.

What is your opinion? Do you feel the government should intervene?


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