Hannah Anderson – Tips For Coping With Trauma – Family Therapist Explains

Hannah Anderson and her family have been through a devastating trauma. FOX News Channel’s America’s News HQ called upon this family therapist; Dr. Karen Ruskin to provide tips for coping with trauma.

My psychotherapeutic expertise was requested LIVE on air today with anchor Shannon Bream where I shared my insight re the Hannah Anderson saga. I value this forum where I provided my tips on coping with trauma including my treatment recommendation, and how families can put the pieces of their life back together when confronted with such tragedy. Provided below is the Q & A summary of the interview that took place.

Q & A Summary:

Question: How can a family put the pieces back together?


  • Connecting with one another
  • Confronting, addressing, and sharing your thoughts and feelings
  • Do not stuff your feelings down nor escape the pain with unhealthy strategies (e.g., drugs, alcohol)
  • Spend quality family time together
  • Mourn the loss of what and whom you have lost and celebrate the life you have and the life to be

Question: What type of treatment is recommended?


The goal here is not just about surviving it is about thriving!

I strongly urge in situations like these for the following type of treatment to occur:

  • Family counseling– meet with a family therapist as a family unit where each member within the family has a safe place to discuss with one another their thoughts and feelings. This allows for the therapeutic life journey to grow, connect, heal and move forward together.
  • Individual counseling – a therapeutic setting which allows an environment to discuss your thoughts and feelings and gain insight as well as provides concrete healthy strategies and coping tips to heal and move forward.
  • Group counseling – treatment group with others who have also been through trauma so you feel less alone/isolated in your trauma experience.

Question: How can one learn to trust again?


  • Recognizing that one’s own inner voice is wise, knowing you can trust yourself is a huge step towards trust. This allows you to know the importance of listening to your inner voice. If you trust your own self, then you will trust that if confronted with a situation that seems unhealthy, frightening, and/or unsafe that you will be right and seek out help immediately.
  • Communicate with others if your inner voice is telling you something is wrong.


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