Holiday Pain Resolution for The Single Parent – Single Mom Talk Radio

Whether you are divorced or your spouse has passed away- if you find yourself stressed out, depressed, angry . . . especially during the holiday time, you are not alone. Yet, you do not have to continue to suffer as there are methods to help you to make a mental shift and thereby a mental health and wellness change. Whatever your particular emotional pain and family challenge is that you find is much worse over the holiday season – this pain can be eased.

Changes in families call for changes in traditions—into new and healthy ones . I shared during an interview with host Julia Espey on her program; Single Mom Talk Radio a three-step plan to make healthy shifts and changes and create new holiday memories!

In addition, during this interview I offer insights into:

  • Removing the  labels we put on people and painful events—e.g., “holiday curse”.
  • Finding a solution by re-framing the “problem” and rather getting to the root of the issue by truly hearing your child’s voice (this is a major theme explained in further detail in my cutting edge parenting book available for a signed copy on my website).
  • During the holidays, families should not pretend that nothing has changed. It is important to acknowledge the life changes that have happened, emotional pain, and the unique challenges of the season and relish what you do have.
  • Bonding with your children.

Any time of year is the perfect time to create your and your family’s next phase of life mental health and wellness by choosing a healthy way to move forward. Remind yourself; past pain experienced was just one chapter in your book of so many amazing chapters that were and are still to come.

If you wish to listen to this interview you may click the play button below now or click on the banner below to go to the Single Mom Talk Radio website and listen to it there:

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