Huma Stays, Should Weiner Drop Out – Geraldo Rivera WABC Asks Dr Karen Ruskin

Geraldo Rivera Radio WABC sought out this marriage therapist; Dr. Karen Ruskin for my insight on The Weiner Sexting Scandal.  During my interview today on; 7/26/13 the question included my thoughts on Huma remaining with Anthony Weiner. I was also asked if Weiner should drop out. After years of watching Geraldo on air, it was indeed an honor to have been interviewed by him.  I invite you to listen to the pod cast and find out my thoughts and insights: Dr. Karen On Geraldo Radio(My interview begins at marker 33:11 and ends at marker 37.05). A shout out to Geraldo- thanks for mentioning my cutting edge book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual where I include a section discussing the dangers of sexting as well as Anthony Weiner as a case example in particular.

In addition, you will notice we touched upon my stance: “How a man treats his wife is how a man lives his life”. Although we did not have enough time to fully delve into my theory of the danger of marital infidelity and politics, that’s what blogging is for. If you wish to read more on this topic, check out my blog entitled: Marital Infidelity And Politics – A Dangerous Combination.

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