Is Sexting Cheating? Relationship Expert and Marriage Therapist Explains…

Is sexting cheating? As a relationship expert and marriage therapist I say; yes. It is the secrecy of an intimate secret interaction with another human life form, that is the cheating. There are different forms of cheating; e.g., emotional, physical, and/or sexual. Experiencing a secret intimate encounter is cheating- the use of technology is simply a means of which to enact the cheating.

If you wish to hear more of my insight, you are welcome to watch some of my television appearances. I have appeared on FOX News Channel America Live, ABC’s Good Morning America, FOX 25 News Boston this morning, as well as FOX 25 New Boston in 2011 when this very same question was asked, and more . . . In addition, I have shared my insights on various radio stations and print media on the topic of; is sexting cheating? In my book Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual I address this topic as well. Why is this such a hot topic this week in particular? Answer: Anthony Weiner is in the spot light this week. He is the current poster boy for sexting.

“How a man treats his wife is how he lives his life” – says this doc!

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