Kylie Jenner – Why Plastic Surgery?

Even celebrity gossip magazines desire therapeutic insight and wisdom from the voice of reason now and again – yes, that’s me. So, that brings us to my latest interview in OK Magazine’s cover story discussing Kylie Jenner. When it comes to the sibling relationship in a family of so many, sibling rivalry, family relationship dynamics and communication, it is not uncommon for the youngest child to try to find one’s separate self identity from the rest of the family.

What is always interesting about commenting on scenarios of people of whom I have never met nor do not know, is that I have the opportunity to utilize the negative gossip in a positive way. Specifically, I have the opportunity to share with the public common themes, challenges, and insights that emerge in situations presented such as the topic at hand. So although I certainly am not diagnosing, I do value that I can hopefully touch the lives of readers of whom are in large families, blended families, and enmeshed families to consider possible therapeutic theory to make sense of certain behaviors. Without further adieu, I invite you to check out my interview, the article is entitled: Did Kylie Jenner Get Plastic Surgery In A Quest To Become The Hottest Sister?

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