Life Journey – Live Your Passion

This is a letter to: Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults – This is Dr. Karen’s advice letter to you on your life journey – live your passion.

As you go through your life journey you are going to experience challenges, obstacles, joys, pains, thrills, confusion, clarity, love, hurt . . . We all did and do. I did, I do –  such is life. It is how we feel about and handle both the “good” and the “bad” in our life that makes up who we are.

Through all of your life experiences you may have a passion, a love of something. Will your parents be supportive of this passion you have?  What if they are not supportive of your passion? Will that squash your passion thereby never achieving your fullest potential or rather will that affect you to fight all the more for what you love? For some children who become adults it is the former and for others it is the latter. Will you remain passionate about something you love doing if you are not always successful at it? What is success? What is your passion? What do you enjoy doing? Who are you? Describe yourself.

For an example, if I were to describe myself I could state as follows; I am a 43 year old woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a psychotherapist, a marriage and family therapist, a relationship expert, a business owner, a coach, an author, a blogger, a media guest expert and source for TV, radio, and print media, a speaker, a friend, a colleague . . . These are but a few hats that I wear. What were my passions as a child? What are my passions now? Are they in sync with one another? Oh yes indeed they are. I am passionate about touching the lives of the many in a positive way, and that is indeed who I was and who I am. I value the art of performance, providing entertaining education.

I am here to tell you that both from the clinical perspective and as a person who has passion and continues to do what she loves every day – that so much is possible in life if you; a) believe in yourself, b) be yourself, and c) live your passion. This does not mean that all day everyday you are living your passion. You can live life passionately even when you are not experiencing your passion in a given moment. And, you can live your passion while experiencing other aspects of your life.

During this month’s episode of ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on FOX News Boston, (my regular segment where viewers submit their relationship questions and I answer them LIVE on air), the anchor said the words; “our relationship expert” and referred to ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ stating it is her “favorite morning segment” – these words are music to my ears. I am living my passion- providing education to the masses in an informative style. Just simply by being me.

I wish the same for all- living your life’s passion. And I do know it takes belief in yourself and being yourself, with consistent drive and commitment to accomplish and live your passion. Hard work, motivation and dedication are the ingredients to live your passion. You can do it! Take one step towards your future today, and another tomorrow, and each day forward. This is my letter to you.


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