Love After Loss – Ivanhoe News With Marriage and Family Therapist Dr Karen

Love after loss is a topic that is often misunderstood and under-attended to. Ivanhoe Broadcast News contacted this marriage and family therapist; Dr. Karen Ruskin, to discuss. I shared practical tips to help couples navigate their feelings about their current love and past love and healthy strategies to cope with and communicate with their children (adults and youth). Ivanhoe News has a TV Series ‘Smart Woman’ – which is where you will find this video.

I invite you to view the Ivanhoe News-wire article; my interview for the ‘Smart Woman’ series entitled: Love After Loss. I also invite you to view the video of the interview with me and a real couple who have experienced love after each having experienced loss of a spouse.

As an adult, when you have experienced the death of your spouse, it is a trauma that will remain with you. This does not mean you cannot nor should not experience love again. One can indeed love again after such a loss.

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