Marco Rubio Drinks Water – Observational Psychoanalytical Humor

Marco Rubio drinks water during his rebuttal to the State Of The Union Address, LIVE on air! Observational humor and analysis from the mind of Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin.

Talking Points:

  • Rubio is a thirsty guy- thirsting to share his perspective, thirsting to make a difference with each word.
  • Rubio’s thirst, his need for hydration during his rebuttal to the State Of The Union Address is nothing new from this psychotherapist’s observation of Rubio. The media is simply just finally noticing it. How could you not notice it this time around? Do know this- Rubio’s thirst and outward display of his thirst has been a consistent behavior for him.

Before you read any further, if you are not a fan of Rubio’s, likely this humorous yet serious blog (which is it; humorous or serious or both? You decide) may go right through you like a greasy pizza. I am a fan of Rubio’s, as it is clear he is a man who has a true love for America. It is obvious, with every word Rubio speaks, that he has a genuine desire to make a difference. If you are a fan of Rubio’s, or simply wish to read about one man’s journey – his book ‘An American Son’ is an interesting read. I enjoyed it.

Let us take a moment to look back in time and spot Rubio’s thirst. This is not a “Where’s Waldo” game, this is a “Where’s Rubio’s lip smacking thirst” game. The problem, or perhaps the solution for those who do not wish to see a human being drink water is; there is not always water to be found. Thirsty! So very thirsty! Look back at all of Rubio’s interviews and see if you can spot his thirsty moments. Here is just but three examples, and a final analysis of why Rubio is so very thirsty explained:

  1. Rubio’s speech at the Republican National Convention he was focused on his must have water moment. It stuck with me when Rubio went right for the water bottle on stage and then verbalized LIVE on air that he thinks he “drank Clint Eastwood’s water.”
  2. Can you spot the lip licking moment during Rubio’s interview on O’Reilly? This segment is when Rubio addresses Romney VP rumors. It is slight, perhaps only to the watchful eye.
  3. Can you spot the lip licking thirst moment when Rubio hydrated with saliva while on Hannity, discussing immigration and economy?

Why is Rubio so thirsty?

America should simply get used to Rubio’s thirst, says this human behavior expert. This is just the beginning. The more we see of Rubio the more water we will see. Soon he will have a cooler next to him during interviews. Perhaps a snowboarder style backpack with the water tube running into his mouth during speeches will suffice. Perhaps t-shirts can be made that says; “I’m thirsty too!” Kids in school will wear these shirts who are thirsting for knowledge. Rubio is thirsting to give.

Rubio needs more water than the average guy because he is not an average guy. His need for hydration is because he is outputting much. His need to quench his thirst is not simply symbolic, it is literal. Rubio needs to quench his thirst of passion. Rubio needs to quench his thirst in his intense desire to help America be the America he knows it to be. Rubio has such a respect for America that his excitement, his passion, his love of country comes through with every word, with every breath. When one has such output one needs to be hydrated. So, the next time you spot a Rubio dry mouth moment during one of his speeches and/or interviews, instead of laughter, let’s realize what this is all really about. This is about a guy who is thirsty. Or, maybe he just is simply . . . drum roll please, thirsty. After all, he is human.

This blog article is simply one psychotherapist’s sense of humor. Yet, we have all heard of the expression; “in jest there is truth”. Drink on that!

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