Marijuana & Food Stamps – Creating A Dependent Culture Psychoanalyzed

Dependency, reliance, de-motivation, addiction -these 4 words are the result of the culture we are creating. Provided below are two specifics that I am drawing the direct line between decisions being made that are politically hot right now, and the mental health and wellness of our culture in terms of what we are creating. The two topics include; marijuana and food stamps.

Talking Points:

Marijuana –

A) Making it legal, B) letting dealers out of jail- it doesn’t get more ridiculous then this! For sure I must be dreaming the psychotherapist’s nightmare who specializes in family and human behavior. We are creating a culture of de-motivation, addiction, and dependency. I hear from way too many teens the theme that “MJ is legal, it’s not addictive, and it’s ok”. WRONG I tell them. MJ is addictive! I see this everyday with clientele of who I meet. MJ kills motivation, it kills family relationships, it is a gateway drug. The more we make MJ acceptable the more acceptable it becomes.

Food Stamps –

The fact is, our President of the U.S.A. wiped away requirements- are you kidding me? This should be considered a nightmare for mental health experts all around. And yet . . . it is not. We are “do-gooders” right? Ahhh, this IS a nightmare I say!  This is the creation of and encouragement of, and the exacerbation of the culture of the needy. Are there some that need? Absolutely! And that is exactly why we should keep food stamps around. The problem is: able bodied adults collecting food stamps had doubled! What? Oh BIG surprise! No restrictions- has brought the cats to the door. Yes, cats- put out a bowl of milk at the door step and they will keep on coming for more, more, more . . . Dependency.

Solution for young able bodied men – hey, ladies- stay away from the able bodied guy who you think with your love he’ll change and get a job. If he doesn’t have a job and is reliant on the government, yet able bodied – see how quickly these men will get a job if women are disinterested in them. If the choice for the young able male is between a) having sex and working or b) no sexual relations and not working living a dependent life on the government of do what I want when I want it, hmmm- what will happen? Hm, if it were only that simple. Dependency! Reliance! That can be addictive. Sad to say there are always the women that will still go for the cat, rat, parasite- whatever term is desired.

Bottom Line/Therapeutic Plan – 

As a psychotherapist, a human behavior expert, as a marriage and family therapist, as a business owner, as a wife, as a parent – all the hats I wear from all the lenses upon which I view what is happening to our America, I state; there is no ifs or grey area about this. This is a clear cut issue in my mind:

  • Marijuana and drug usage destroys individuals and families. Selling it is a crime. Solution: for those who need MJ, for example, for medical purposes – set it up like all prescription meds.
  • Dependency destroys individuals and families (e.g., food stamps). Solution: requirements/restrictions.
  • Reliance on drugs, reliance on government- dependency at its finest. This creates de-motivation. The capable become not capable. Rather personal goals must include; self-empowerment, achievement, self-reliance  – these are the ingredients that make up mental wellness.
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