Markets React To Fake AP Tweet- Anxiety In America- Psychotherapist Reaction

The Boston Marathon bombing, a fake AP tweet stating there’s been a terror attack on the White House leaving the president injured which quickly torpedoed a market reaction – two completely different topics. Right? From this psychotherapist’s eye who analyzes hot topics in the news from the mental health lens, I see the similarity in emotional reactive response.

During my interview on FOX Business Network with Neil Cavuto Tuesday April 23rd, 2013, I shared that “Anxiety is the most common mental illness in America . . . we are like a beaker full, bubbling, and the moment something happens . . . poof, we bubble-eth over”.

In life we have expectations. For an example, here in America we expect safety. We assume we can be in a public place and there will not be a bomb. Another example of expectations is what the outcome will be post the purchase of a stock. Likely one’s expectations is that the stock will go up, hence why we purchased it. It is with our expectations of what will or will not happen, that when our expectations are unmet and the ‘other’ occurs,  we then experience a feeling of instability, we feel out of control, thereby triggering an anxiety response. Some may confuse my analysis of human behavior response suggesting that I am inferring it is human response that caused the recent market reaction. That inference of my articulation would be inaccurate. I am discussing the human response to the market reaction, not that human reaction caused the market reaction.

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