Marriage Therapy For Business Partners

American City Business Journal – Bizwomen provided it’s readers with an important insight- and that is that in business if there is relationship conflict, relational disharmony, communication challenges – Marriage Therapists are for hire to help! Whether it is business partners that are having a hard time resolving disputes and understanding each other’s perspective, whether it is colleagues in the work environment struggling to get along, whether it is the relationship dynamic between a boss and his/her employees, … marriage therapists are trained in the art of helping people to uncover and discover through concrete insight and practical do-able tips and strategies – solution resolution.

As a Marriage Therapist I see everyday the value that a skilled professional has in helping people who are experiencing relational disharmony, whether it is in business, or at home (e.g., the husband-wife relationship, the parent-child relationship, the sibling relationship, …). Check out my interview in Bizwomen entitled: ‘These co-founders aren’t a couple, here’s why they ended up in marriage counseling’. Yup, you heard it right- marriage counseling for business partners (simply click on this link to read the article).

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