Marriage Expectations Too High? With Dr. Karen Ruskin sought out this Marriage Therapist for insights into marriage expectations. Specifically, I provided this informative site with a blog article offering concrete insight answering the following two questions:  

  1. What are the key contributing factors in becoming a person with high expectations of marriage?
  2. How can you tell if your marriage expectations are too high?

In addition, I offer 3 practical tips for a successful marriage of which expectations does not drown the marital journey.

Check it out: Your Marriage Expectations Are Too High If . . .

Not familiar with Familiarize yourself as they not only have blog articles with helpful relationship tips, they have also reviewed the “best dating sites and ranked them based on popularity, success rate, site reviews pricing and other data”.

Also, if you want more tips for a healthy happy marriage that lasts, if you want additional practical strategies to enhance your marriage, I invite you to take a sneak peak and order your copy of Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, today. As talked about on FOX & Friends.

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