Men Look At Women’s Bodies – Dr. Karen Ruskin On Your World With Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto With Dr. KarenIt was a blast sharing laughs with Neil Cavuto and his team during a LIVE segment on FOX News Channel’s ‘Your World With Neil Cavuto’. The topic: Men Look At Women’s Bodies! Now that’s a surprise? ¬†Hence, the laughter. It is not a shock to learn that men look at women’s bodies. Jee whiz, women look at women’s bodies too. During my interview I shared that the female body is like “pop-up-art”. The breasts come out, the waist curves in, and the hips come out – this was my descriptive explanation during this segment as to why the human eye goes to certain parts of the female body over other parts. In addition, I explain that it feels good for men to look at the woman’s figure as it is “nourishment of the inner spirit”. In response to Neil’s question if looking is acceptable, I explained that there is a difference between looking versus “taking action on the wandering pupil”.

If you wish to watch this interview where Neil, his team and I poked fun at a new research study addressing this very topic, as if it is something we didn’t already know, check it out. You will certainly get a good laugh, feel like a part of the FOX News family, and walk away knowing that men looking at the female body does not mean that they are pigs.

I invite you to click the play button below:

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