Missing Malaysia Plane – Psychotherapist on Cavuto

Missing Plane w handDuring my interview this evening on FOX News Channel’s; ‘Your World With Neil Cavuto’, we discussed the tragedy of the missing Malaysia airplane. We focused on the topic of why so many top officials of varied countries are chiming in. From the lens of human behavior psychoanalysis, provided below are 8 potential theories in bullet point fashion:

  • Trying to be helpful as information comes in (one hopes this is the reason, rather than the desire to get one’s moment in the spotlight)
  • Pulled in by the drama and mystery of the tragedy
  • No one wants to be left out of the party (no one ever does in life)
  • Everyone wants to have a voice, for that is one’s identity whether as an individual or a country
  • The snowball effect theory- one country talks about this tragedy, so another does, and another, and another . . .
  • Group think philosophy
  • Credit/recognition desire
  • The desire for answers in order to have closure


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