National Mental Health Expert Says Gbye Massachusetts Hello Arizona

necn gbye

Based in Massachusetts, I have loved my regular mental health segment on NBC Boston’s NECN with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin. It has been a privilege to touch the lives of the many here in New England. Today I shared with the viewers that I am moving to Arizona, due to my husband’s work. Thus, today’s segment was a warm felt goodbye and the last of my regular NECN segment (until of course I pop in for a visit segment). Additionally, today’s topic: how to be independent at any age, when we are as humans dependent in many ways.

I invite you to stay in touch via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I will most certainly connect with a TV network in AZ, and will happily share my analysis and tips on timely topics online via these social media platforms. Thus, my viewers near and far are welcome to continue to receive the information they desire.

Warmly always, Dr. Karen

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