Parenting, Marriage And Personal Health

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on May 21, 2016

As Foxborough Regional Charter School’s (FRCS) Guest Speaker on parenting, I am taking a moment to write a brief blog to share that today’s ‘Engaged Families Conference’ which included several workshops for attendees to pick from with two rounds of opportunities – was a fabulous hit. It was a joy to be a part of touching the lives of parents in such a meaningful and positive way. frcs cropped

Those who entered the room where I held my workshop learned my key techniques for raising respectful and responsible children, along with my parenting motto/the lens in which to view parenting, and my parenting philosophy.

Additionally, I integrated and wove in a crash course on healthy relationships as my goal was to tie in the concept that all relationships effect our relationship with our children and our health and wellness. That includes: the relationship one has with one’s children, the relationship one has with one’s spouse, one’s mate, one’s x, with one’s own self, one’s business interactions, etc., . . . Excerpts were taken from all three of my published books: ’10 Seconds To Mental Health’, ‘Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual’, and ‘9 Key Techniques for Raising Respectful Children Who Make Responsible Choices’.

The final portion of the workshop I offered was a question and answer session where attendees asked questions and I provided concrete practical tips and tools for how to apply what was learned in today’s workshop into the reality of their lives. Additionally, I expanded upon those tools and offered additional strategies focusing on the parenting shifts attendees desired to implement in their lives.

frcs 5-2016So wonderful to have interacted with the parents of FRCS (many I had never met before, and a few familiar faces from a previous workshop). Such a thrill to me to hear their reports and positive feedback that they felt armed with concrete and practical tips that they plan to use in their life, based upon the information they obtained. The feedback shared to me from attendees was heartwarming and positive. It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to touch the lives of the parents whom attended, and hear the concrete ways in which they plan on implementing the concepts and methods learned in my workshop sessions. As per my motto, and I stand by it: Parenting Matters!

A shout out to Karen Harris (Family Engagement Coordinator) for organizing the whole shebang. I am thrilled to have worked with FRCS again.

Till next time….

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