Peanut Allergy Debate Dr. Karen Ruskin Speaks on The Joe & Huggy Show

Peanut Allergy Debate Dr. Karen Ruskin Speaks on The Joe & Huggy Show 96.9 Boston Talks

With the recent peanut allergy controversy in Florida where an elementary school was in the news because some parents were picketing in their assertion that a 6 year old girl with a peanut allergy be removed from the school, Dr. Ruskin was contacted by 96.9 Boston Talks, The Joe & Huggy Show, to address this topic.

As a psychotherapist and parenting expert, as well as the fact that I am a parent that has a child with a peanut allergy, and I am the go-to mental health and relationship expert for The Joe & Huggy Show, these 2 men knew that this would be a valuable discussion to have on their program. Many callers had the opportunity to share their perspective. As a psychotherapist for 18 years, it is my stance that there should not even be a debate as to whether or not children with peanut allergies should receive reasonable accommodations in school. This is not something to debate! Children with peanut allergies should and must have the right to go to school with their peers and be safe, that is a given in my opinion. Rather the discussion we should be having is how shameful it is that a group of adults in Florida tried to bully a 6 year old out of her right to attend school in a safe environment. Is not our goal to teach children empathy? It is my opinion that the management of a severe peanut allergy is simple when schools handle it properly, as I see many schools are indeed doing, and it does not negatively interfere with the school learning day.

To hear this heated, informative, and interesting discussion, you may listen on demand to The Joe & Hugggy Show and scroll to the program air date of March 26th, 2011.

We must all adjust each day, those with a peanut allergy to a world of peanuts (there will still be peanuts produced), and those without a peanut allergy to those with a peanut allergy (consider what roll you can play in keeping others safe). Whether the topic is about peanuts or any other topic, empathy for each other’s position is an imperative part of our existence as a society.

What is your opinion about what happened in Florida? Have we as a society gone nuts?

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