Secrets In Relationships – Prevention And Warning Signs

Can you prevent being blindsided by a secret your spouse or significant other is hiding from you? Are there warning signs for secrets in relationships? Relationship expert Dr. Karen Ruskin's interview on WWL AM/FM radio is now available for listening on demand and you are invited to check out her written talking points on this blog.

When it comes to secrets in relationships knowing how to prevent being blindsided by a secret and being aware of the warning signs can make a difference in your relationship. Do know, you are not alone if you have discovered your spouse, or the person you are in a committed relationship with – has had a secret that you knew nothing about and now you do. Not everyone is informed about prevention and warning signs. Examples of secret keeping topics include but are not limited to: an affair, drugs, gambling, separate financial account. This week during a live interview direct from my base of Massachusetts, I was interviewed on Tommy Tucker’s Show: WWL AM/FM radio (based in New Orleans) about this very topic.

Click for listening to this interview on demand and learn: Secrets and Relationships – Prevention and Warning Signs

  • 3 ways of preventing being blindsided by a secret from your spouse/significant other
  • 7 signs your spouse/significant other may be hiding something

Summary Of Talking Points:


  1. Live with your eyes wide open.
  2. Have an open communicative relationship speaking with your spouse not at your spouse. In this way your spouse will feel he/she can come to you rather than disconnect and connect with another.
  3. Be an active participant in and be a part of your spouse’s life journey.

Warning Signs

  1. Secretive
  2. Change in behavior
  3. Lies about little things
  4. Individual focus only, lacking in interest in spending time with you as a couple
  5. Defensive
  6. Externalizer and a non-ownershipster vs. an ownershipster
  7. Gut
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