Should Married Couples Share Or Have Separate Bank Accounts?

From the lens of a Marriage Therapist, it is my opinion that married couples who successfully share the same bank account is representative of and symbolic for positives in other areas of the marriage, in their marriage as a whole. Having the same bank account as your spouse, rather than a separate one is symbolic for the overall feel of the relationship. ¬†During my interview as a guest expert on FOX News Channel’s Your World With Neil Cavuto, Charles Payne was fill in host and Larry Winget was a guest – I stated that I am in favor of couples having the same bank account. Charles and Larry thought couples could not effectively navigate this.

Communication skills, being a couple unit, a team, believing in marriage long term, feeling confident in your relationship, trust – these are just but a few of the ingredients for a successful marriage. Couples who chose to have the same bank account are going into a relationship living these ingredients and often continue to incorporate them into their marriage in all areas. Have we become such a throw away culture that we go into marriage believing we must protect ourselves financially for the end of the marriage? Rather than going into the relationship with the philosophical belief system that both one’s self and one’s spouse will fight for the marriage and do what it takes for marital success? Bottom line: your philosophy about money, as to whether you have a shared account or separate is symbolic for and representative of how you view the overall marital relationship, and therefore how you and your spouse will navigate the many aspects of your marriage.

I invite you to click on the play button below and watch this fiery debate which aired LIVE on 12/30/13.

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