Speaker: Massachusetts Association For Marriage & Family Therapy- Professional Fulfillment Is Success

As the invited guest speaker for the Massachusetts Association For Marriage And Family Therapy, and Clinical Fellow; American Association For Marriage And Family Therapy, I thought about what topic would be of value for fellow mental health professionals. As I thought, several came to mind. I also thought about what topic would be interesting for those completing their degree in the industry of mental health and wellness (marriage and family therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists . . . ). My final decision includes that I will share my insights focusing on the topic of:

Professional Fulfillment Is Success:

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Karen Ruskin, PsyD, LMFT
  • Date: Friday 10/25/13
  • Time: 9-11am (As this is a professional networking event for therapists, in addition to my speaking engagement, a portion of the time will include attendees sharing their specialization in the mental health industry as well as sharing a bit about themselves/their work)
  • Location: Quincy, MA
  • RSVP: Event concluded, no longer RSVP available
  • Host: Massachusetts Association For Marriage And Family Therapy (MassMFT), the affiliate of; American Association For Marriage And Family Therapy (AAMFT)

Topic Description:

What is considered being “a success” as a professional in the mental health and wellness industry? Success means different things to everyone. As adults, we are all on a journey to find who we are within our professional selves. I believe experiencing fulfillment professionally and continuing to do things that we find professionally fulfilling is what success ultimately is.

Success is relishing in what you are doing and is you as the driver in a moving vehicle striving for more.

How do we experience fulfillment and thus success? I believe it is our: a) passion, b) skill, c) commitment, d) belief in the possibility of, and e) being ourselves – that ultimately guides us to find who we are within our professional selves. Thereby ultimately leading us to professional fulfillment which is success.

Finding your professional self, my personal professional example: I value the art of performance through the use of media as a platform of which to do what I love, in my own unique way; providing therapeutic education offering concrete insights and doable tips. I enjoy touching the lives of others providing real solutions for real life problems with my own flavorful style whether on air, as an in office therapist, and in my writing. I find this professionally fulfilling, and thus I feel successful as a professional. What is your story? Where were you and where will you be next month, next year, in 5 years from now?  

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