Stay Married For The Kids Or Divorce, Co-Parenting, Graduation Speech Tips- Ask Dr. Karen

Ask Dr K co-parentingViewers submit their relationship questions, and Psychotherapist/Marriage and Family Therapist/Relationship Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin answers them LIVE on air on FOX News Boston for this informative regular segment; ‘Ask Dr. Karen’. This morning’s segment received many great submissions. The 3 topics Dr. Karen Ruskin addressed with anchor Elizabeth Hopkins included:

  • If you are unhappily married should you stay together for the kids? Viewers weighed in on this via twitter. Both twitter reaction discussed, as well as the answer to this question.
  • A mother struggling with her x-husband’s insistence that the kids track what they are eating when over at mom’s house asks; what’s his issue?
  • An upcoming graduate asks; what makes for a great speech on stage at graduation?

Lilly & I smileIf you missed this segment LIVE, I invite you to view it on demand:

 Ask Dr. Karen – Divorce, Co-Parenting, Graduation Speech – Ask Dr. Karen.

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