Talk To Your Kids About Sex & What Wives Want In Bed

Talking to your kids about sex, as well as what wives want in bed sexually from their husbands are the two main topics this parenting and relationship expert discussed on 96.9 Boston Talks: The Joe Ligotti Show on July 7th 2012. What prompted these two topics? The importance of talking to your children about sex was prompted by a recent survey that took place in Lynn Middle School reporting 18% of middle school aged children in their school have had intercourse. The discussion of what women want in bed, specifically, what wives want in bed sexually from their husbands was prompted by the reported obsession many women have with ’50 Shades Of Grey’ AKA: Mommy Porn. These are two hot topics in the news of which Joe called upon his go-to professional to share my insights, of which I am always happy to do.

Talking To Your Kids About Sex

Recently in the news Lynn Middle School in Massachusetts was reported as having a  so-called pregnancy clique which I discussed on FOX 25 News Boston. The results of Lynn Middle School’s survey showed that 18% of the children who participated (80% of Lynn Middle School i.e., 399 children) reported they have had intercourse. It is these results that Joe, the host of The Joe Ligotti Show and I discussed LIVE. During this interview callers shared their opinion about these results as well as whether or not they have had “the talk” with their children.

Joe stated his discomfort in discussing sex with his kids, especially his daughter. This psychotherapist stated the importance of talking about the birds and the bees with your children at a young age, and having age appropriate discussions throughout your children’s developmental years. It is not just “the talk”, as in one conversation, children have different questions and require a different level of information at various times in there life. As one caller explained, he believes his daughters benefit both from their mother and from him; their father, communicating with them about sex. He further explained in this way trust is developed in the parent-child relationship. Indeed, I agree with this caller’s assertions. When the window of opportunity opens, parents must take it so children feel they can come to you.

In addition to the On Demand Listening feature to this interview with Joe and I that you may click the play button if you scroll down below this blog article to listen now, you are also welcome to read an older article I wrote entitled: The Birds & The Bees in the Pediatric Journal for Parents.

If you are looking for more parenting information on techniques for raising children of this generation, learn my 9 Keys for Raising Respectful and Responsible Children.

What Wives Want In Bed

Why are so many married women obsessed with the book 50 Shades of Grey? Many wonder about this, of which I wrote a blog article that you are welcome to read to understand specifically why. During my interview on The Joe Ligotti Show, I shared specifically what wives want in the bedroom sexually in an effort to help men to understand what is so appealing about this book. I also explained it would be a mistake if men think wives want them to follow what the character Grey does in the book as though it is a sexual script for them. I explain the book is not a script, rather it is symbolic for the theme of what women want. The 3 main lessons for married men to take from this book to understand why the obsession and what therefore many wives desire sexually is explained concretely during this interview. Although many men may be reaping the benefits of a sexually turned on wife as they are reading the book, this is a short term solution. Men, if you are looking truly for marital sexual enhancement that is long term, learn my 3 points so you can take ownership of what you can do today and ongoing.

This interview on Joe’s show focuses on what men can do to sexually to enhance their marital sexual relationship, the focus is in direct connection in explanation as to why women are obsessed with 50 Shades. If you want to understand overall what your wife needs and wants in a marriage, and if women you want to understand what men need overall in a marriage, do take a sneak peak into Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, as discussed on FOX & Friends and learn how to have a happy long lasting marriage.

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