Teens and Parenting Talk w/ Francesca WXBR 1460am/Boston

Teens and parenting, such an important topic! Dr. Karen Ruskin will be on Talk With Francesca WXBR 1460am Radio Boston on Wednesday August 10th, live on the air promptly at 11am for the first half of this program. Any and all parenting topics that the listeners have questions about will be answered in Dr. Karen’s usual direct, passionate, and cutting edge style.

Offering ‘real solutions for real life problems’ is my goal and I intend to offer just that during this live interview. No teen topic is off limits! Just to name a few of the abundant topics : teen relationship violence, sexual behaviors, connecting with your teens, communicating with your kids in a style that they will listen, developing trust with your teen, going to college – what to say to them, emotional and physical health and more . . . In addition, I will offer concrete parenting techniques straight from my parenting book entitled: The 9 Key Techniques for Raising Respectful Children Who Make Responsible Choices. 

The second half of this 2 hour show will include Francesca interviewing Dr. Roger Libby, author of: The Naked Truth About Sex, and Michael Leidig, Clinical Director from the Children’s Floating Hospital to discuss childhood obesity.

Talk With Francesca airs every Wednesday 11am-1pm on WXBR 1460am Radio Boston. 

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