Trump Vs Clinton – Do The Issues Matter?

As a mental health and wellness professional it is my opinion that the issues on the docket for a healthy America in the Trump vs. Clinton election are of the utmost significance. Yet, we are finding ourselves in an election cycle where character interpretation and analysis has become the focus of discussion as of late. Thus I ask you, is it likeability, character, or the issues – that really matter? Do they all matter? How much is interpretation vs. verifiable fact? Do we believe what we want to believe? Topics of today’s blog article include:

  • Examples of how this election has effected people – bringing out the nasty
  • Character of the President
  • The likeability factor
  • Make America Great Again
  • What are 7 issues that matter? Trump’s philosophy
  • Vision for America’s future

The Effect Of This Election On People

Bringing out the nasty

Provided below is a few common examples I have observed, for how this election has effected people and their interaction with others in an emotionally unhealthy negative way.

Children: In my private practice based in Sharon Massachusetts where I provide counseling services, as well as I have eleven mental health care counseling professionals providing services at: Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates, Inc, this is the first year I have seen such a flood of incoming young children coming into counseling specifically due to experiencing anxiety as it relates to the upcoming election.  I have been providing Psychotherapy counseling services since 1993. Examples ranging from parents reporting that their child is being bullied in school for being pro- Trump, to children threatening other children that bad things will happen to them if their desired candidate wins.

Neighbors: Neighbors in quiet towns yelling profanities at each other from across the street when their neighbor has a Trump sign on their lawn. Adults being afraid to assert their interest in Trump’s perspectives, for their neighbors will respond negatively.

Adolescents: Teenagers being called racist by their friends and peer group, if they dare to debate in class or out of class pro- Trump.

Teachers/In School: Teachers deciding not to allow any political discussions in their classroom, even though it is a history class. As teachers report that their opinion is too strong about their candidate, and they know they will not be able to remain unbiased. I see this theme with specific regards to pro- Hillary teachers. Whereas those who are pro- Trump remain quiet.

The Work Place: Verbal and physical altercations taking place in the work place when someone dares to say they are pro- Trump. Unfortunately this has been taken to such an extreme I am hearing from my lawyer contacts that there have been law suits filed by employees reporting they were fired due to being a Trump supporter.

Social Media: Friends on Facebook calling each other names for all the world to read because their friend is a Trump supporter.

Family/Friends: Family and close friends experiencing torn relationships over having a differing political stance.

Character Of The Next President

Some view the upcoming presidential election as a character decision. Specifically, this election presents itself as ultimately being a decision about what bothers you more: a) Hillary- a candidate who has proven a record of corruption and lies while in the government (e.g., “pay to play”) vs. b) Trump- a candidate who has been nasty and/or degrading to some women.

The likeability Factor

real story make america great
Dr. Ruskin discusses the likeability factor and Trump on air on Real Story – FOX News.

Is it likeability or the issues that really matter in an election? Does that change whether earlier on in election process vs. later on? What makes a candidate likeable to one potential voter, may be the same quality that leaves a bad taste in another voter’s mind. Is likeability a factor in this election? Is likeability tied into character?

Make America Great Again

Trump has proven he has embarked on the journey of making America great again via building on and upon America employing men and women in his various businesses. For mental health and wellness, humans need to feel empowered to care for self and family, not reliant on government when they are capable. Jobs does that for people – provide self reliance, self empowerment.

Democrats vs Republicans in terms of their philosophy, it is the distinct difference in how the lens in which we view life can affect our mental health and wellness.

What Are The Issues That Matter?

Trump’s Philosophy

Donald Trump speaking at Rally
Boch-Trump summer bash.

Below are 7 issues on the docket, among many. I have listed these specifically, as I have narrowed down the top 7 (in no particular order) that I consider as extremely important in terms of the mental, emotional, personal, relational, and familial health and wellness for us as a country. Donald’s philosophy presents as different then Hillary’s in each of these 7, from my observation. From a psychotherapeutic perspective for America’s health and wellness, I support Trump’s philosophy and am ready for his fresh view with new solutions as it presents as being able to be the difference that makes the difference that our country needs.

  1. Protect our country first
  2. Law and order
  3. Economics/business
  4. Government involvement
  5. Health Care
  6. Political correctness
  7. All lives matter

Vision For America’s Future

Do you agree with Trump’s vision or Hillary’s vision for America’s future with specific regards to the issues? Does the fact that Hillary has proven corrupt matter to you?

Voting for Hillary is voting for an Obama philosophy again.

Clinton inc poster with Dr Karen
Dr Ruskin starred in and provided commentary in a political documentary: ‘Clinton Inc. The Movie’.

Voting for Hillary, is voting for Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Imagine the Presidency that would be! This concerns me deeply, as a Psychotherapist who specializes in relationship dynamics, specifically I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, it is my humble observation that Bill and Hillary are a business partnership and that business is politics. The Clinton’s are a political corporation, they are Clinton, Inc. And they each as individuals and as a partnership have proven corrupt in that very business.

Additionally, if you put weight on the allegations of Trump’s interactions with some women, do you put weight on Hillary’s protection of Bill with regards to Bill’s proven indiscretions with women? Do you put weight on the blame Hillary placed on the women Bill had sexual liaisons with, or do you blame Bill? Why is it that the same people who are infuriated with Trump with his interactions towards some women accept the proven allegations of Bill’s interactions with women and Hillary’s protection of those very actions and have no bitterness about the latter? Furthermore, is it really okay to place into the oval office a previous President who was impeached and married to a woman who blamed a right wing conspiracy for her husband’s indiscretions to protect and serve the very country in which there was such a lack of respect for?

We all have our opinion about this election. Most people I speak with have a strong opinion about whom they are going to vote for. Please remember, it is healthy to have different opinions. Let us decide not to be hurtful to others whom have a different opinion. And, let’s be mindful of what our country needs.

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