Wendy Williams On Air Cry – Is It Normal For Kids To Have A Favorite Parent?

ABC’s Good Morning America called upon my expertise as a Family Therapist to weigh in on talk show host Wendy Williams on air cry. Specifically she shared with her viewers that her son favors his father over her. Since Wendy is not the first, nor will she be the last parent to report this feeling, it opens up the question: Is it normal for kids to have a favorite parent? I invite you to check out my 2 talking points and tips below:

Talking Point:

  • It is not uncommon for a parent to feel disconnected from their child/children at certain stages and phases of their child’s life. Specifically feeling that the child favors one parent over the other. Most commonly, the favored parent is the one who has the shared interests and who participates in those interests with the child. This occurrence is quite normal.


  • Just because it is common/normal, doesn’t mean you should sit idly by. I say; take action and connect! Even if your child has lots of shared interests and does fun things with one parent, doesn’t mean your only “job” as a parent should be as the disciplinarian, and/or the house manager. It is important to make the effort and take action initiating fun connection opportunities with your children through out their life journey. After all, the parent-child relationship is valuable and oh so important- both as a person who guides them responsibly through life, and as someone who is interactive and enjoyable. It is ay okay if one parent shares many more interests, it is not a competition, accept this as normal while making a point to connect in a fun way with quality time.

Talking Point:

  • It is imperative that the “non-favored” parent is not only just all about being the “business” parent. If you are never fun, and rarely connect lacking any fun activities with your child, that disconnection can continue and become the relationship. Which is not what you want.


  • Balance being a responsible parent who is “business”, with also spending quality fun time with your children.

If you want more parenting tips and techniques for raising an emotionally healthy and successful child who is respectful and makes responsible choices, I invite you to check out my book: 9 Key Techniques For Raising Children.


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