Why A Man Shows His Junk And Why A Woman Stays – It’s Not Just Weiner And Huma Who Have Problems

Why would a man show his “junk” (as is being referred to in the news the past few days) to the public (e.g., Anthony Weiner)? Why would a woman stand by her man after being hurt (e.g., Huma Abedin)? It is these two main questions this marriage therapist answered LIVE on air this morning on The Pat Campbell Radio Show on 7/29/13 (Listen On Demand). It is not just Weiner and Huma who have marriage problems to navigate through. I invite you to hear my response as to why a man shows his junk, as well as my 7 reasons why some women stay.

If you wish to read my blog article addressing the 7 reasons why women stay, I invite you to do so: Why A Woman Stands By Her Man.

In my book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, among the many tips for having a healthy marriage, I offer a section on 29 great ways to destroy your marriage. Cyber relationships is one of them, which includes a discussion on Anthony Weiner as the poster boy for sexting. Take a sneak peak into my cutting edge book:Key Tips To Improve Your Marriage Now.

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