Why Now Lance Armstrong? 5 Common Motivations Behind Why We Reveal Secrets

The Boston Globe’s Health Section’s Daily Dose regular go-to Psychotherapist source Dr. Karen Ruskin shares her theory on the 5 most common motivations behind why we reveal secrets. Why now Lance Armstrong? This question is being thrown around the news media due to the following report. Lance disclosed during a pre-taped interview on Oprah that will be airing this upcoming Thursday, that his long kept secret is; he had indeed been doping. He had denied this truth for more than a decade. This truth finally being shared has prompted the question of why do people reveal long kept secrets? Beyond of course the basic reason which is; that they are caught.

Check out my interview with Boston Globe’s Staff Writer Deborah Kotz where she succinctly and concretely lays out in a comprehensive style this expert’s insights in an article entitled: Why Now, Lance? 5 Common Motivations Behind Why We Reveal Secrets.

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