Why Rate Your Marriage? WSJ Elizabeth Bernstein Interviews Dr Karen Ruskin

As a marriage therapist, I do so enjoy a quality relationship column that provides insight for readers. The Wall Street Journal’s relationship columnist Elizabeth Bernstein provides just that. I must admit, after being a reader of her column for quite some time, it was enjoyable having the opportunity to work professionally with her for her most recent column: Why Rate Your Marriage? As discussed in Elizabeth’s article, Health and Wellness cover story – placing a number from 1-10 on specific problems within the marriage, has the potential to help couples to confront the reality of the problem. Is that not the first step for any problem solving opportunity? One must first recognize and admit to what the problem is, to then begin to consider what steps to take towards solution resolution. I invite you to check out this well written and informative article of which you will see several of my insights and marital tips within the article. In addition, you will find my LIVE interview on WSJ LIVE included within the article base. So, how happy is your marriage?

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