Working Moms Sole Bread Winners – Tips For Husbands And Wives From Top Marriage Therapist

34% of working moms are the sole bread winner in their home, according to a new poll published by It is this topic that WWL-AM/FM radio’s reliable Psychotherapist Guest Expert and Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin shared her insights LIVE on air. While on Tommy Tucker’s show this doc shared concrete practical tips for both the wife and the husband to have a successful marriage. What can the husband do so he does not feel like an employee? Will the kids be healthy with what may be considered a parenting role reversal? Are we as a culture changing in what is defined as being a mother? A father? What is being a provider? For some couples mom bringing home the bacon causes marital disharmony, for others it is a gift. What is the difference between couples and families who this dynamic works for whereas others it puts strain on the relationship? These questions and more are answered by Dr. Karen Ruskin in her usual direct no nonsense humorous style.

This LIVE interview is available for listening on demand: Working Moms Sole Bread Winner – Dr. Karen’s Tips.

If you wish to learn more do-able tips for a happy and successful marriage, check out: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual.

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