50 Tips To Prevent Infidelity

Infidelity Info hosted a fabulous article post entitled: 50 Tips To Prevent Infidelity. What a superb idea! 50 different opinions of a variety of men and women of different backgrounds which includes 50 insights along with concrete do-able action items – fantastic. Many people are in need of these therapeutic ideas. In addition, although the focus is on infidelity prevention, quite frankly, each idea is helpful in keeping a relationship connected and healthy through time.

Check out all 50 tips and consider which you can improve upon. My tip is #12 – see if you can implement it today and all the many days to come, which is: ‘Pay Attention To Your Spouse’.

If you are interested in learning more about infidelity prevention, having a happy marriage that stands the test of time, communication techniques, or any other topic within the overall category of relationship and marital health and wellness, take a sneak peak into my marriage handbook: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual where you will read about all you need to know for relationship and marital health.

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