Eastwooding To Heal Mental Anguish? Boston Globe With Dr. Karen Ruskin

The Boston Globe’s Daily Dose Columnist Deborah Kotz interviewed this Psychotherapist to explore Clint Eastwood’s use of the empty chair during the Republican National Convention. Specifically, the focus of my interview was on whether the use of the “empty chair” truly is a psychotherapy technique. The answer is: YES! The empty chair technique has been around for decades to help clients understand their thoughts and feelings better, and move forward.

Check out my interview to learn more about the use of the empty chair technique as a Psychotherapeutic intervention. The article is entitled; Should we all be “Eastwooding” to heal mental anguish?

If you find this article interesting, you may also wish to check out my blog article entitled; Eastwooding – Empty Chair – A Psychotherapeutic Technique – Analyze That!

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