8 Costume Category Types – What Your Halloween Costume Says About You – Analyze That

Are you an adult/young adult with the intent to attend a Halloween costume party this year? As a psychotherapist/human behavior expert, I say; your Halloween costume choice says something about you. Specifically, everyone falls into 1 of my 8 Costume Category Types (CCT’s). If you are not attending a costume party, take a moment to consider; if you were, what would you wear? Do note, what a person would like to wear in comparison to what they ultimately chose to wear is not always one in the same. That has everything to do with the 8 CCT’s, which ultimately is what drives a person’s costume choice whether subconsciously or consciously. I hope this peak into the human mind I am offering in this blog provides you with an insight opportunity into your own thought processes. As we are all on a journey of self discovery.

Below you will find my 8 Costume Category Types. Analyze yourself, if you dare, and consider which 1 of the 8 fits for you. And then ask yourself; what does the category I fall under really mean?

  1. How you want others to see you (e.g., sexy catwoman, strong rescuing batman)
  2. How you want to see yourself (e.g., business woman, prince)
  3. Accessing your creative side (create your own costume)
  4. Attention thermometer (how little to how much attention you receive is important to you- do you like to be the center of attention or blend in)
  5. Longing for connection vs. individualism (the costume is one in which you are part of a team, a partnership, a group – e.g., the 7 dwarfs, The Flintstones, The 3 Bears)
  6. Escapism (escaping into something you will never be to feel a reality so different than your own; e.g., Freddy Krueger, or escaping into a reality you may someday be to experience a reality that may be; e.g., old man costume)
  7. Happy recall (a costume that is connected to a happy memory)
  8. Not important (last minute purchase whatever fits)

In conclusion, the costume you chose to wear to a costume party, or would wear if you were attending such a party is either decided upon due to; how you want others to see you, how you want to see yourself, you are accessing your creative side, how comfortable or not you are with receiving attention, your desire for connection, escapism, a happy memory, and/or not important. Consider your costume choice- which category/categories do you fit under, and what does that mean about you?

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