After Break Up Ex Posts Pictures – Scorned Lover Reveals Private Information

After a break up, it has become far too common for an ex lover, a scorned lover, to reveal and post private pictures and/or information via Face-book and/or other social media outlets about their ex. This month, McAffe released findings from the company’s 2013 Love, Relationships, and Technology survey that breakups can lead to privacy leaks online. The study revealed 1 in 10 ex- partners threatened they would expose risque photos of their ex online and these threats have been carried out nearly 60% of the time.

This relationship expert and Psychotherapist shared LIVE on WWLAM/FM Radio on the Tommy Tucker Show, Friday February 22nd, 2013 that being betrayed by a lover is one of the most significant triggers for some to act upon their desire to hurt their ex. A break up in and of itself is deemed as a betrayal for some, as it betrays the stated or unstated promise of remaining together. Cheating is another example of betrayal. The desire for revenge through exposure of one’s ex, is for some the painful outcome. When feeling hurt and angry, there are those among us that feel the only way to have closure and move forward is to hurt the other person.

You are invited to listen to this brief radio interview where I shared 2 main points. First, I explained 4 concrete options for what to do if your ex lover is revealing private information about you. Then, I explained how to prevent your private information from being shared.

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