Ask Dr. Karen – Motor Skills, Night Terrors, Bullying

Parenting questions were answered by this Family Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin this morning; 12/24/12 on FOX 25 News Boston’s regular monthly morning segment; Ask Dr. Karen. You are invited to view Ask Dr. Karen on demand, discussing: fine and gross motor skills, night terrors, and bullying. Although Dr. Karen has been the regular go-to mental health guest expert for FOX News Boston since 2007, this is an exciting new segment which began in 2012. Check out this episode #6. In addition, if you find these topics interesting, check out the following links below to learn more:

Lisa Shooman- Occupational Therapist, author of the book: GraspRite. This guide book provides parents with concrete exercises they can teach their children. It is these very strategies that help children to flourish if they are struggling with fine and/or gross motor skills.

Night Terrors- I am a columnist for Pediatrics For Parents. My column is called: Dr. Karen Explains. Check out the particular column I wrote entitled; Night Terrors.

Bullying- I have written several blog articles on bullying. I have spoken nationally on this topic including on The Steve Harvey TV Show. I invite you to read the blog article I wrote entitled; How To Stop Bullying. In this article I provide the answers to the top 7 questions parents ask about bullying to help them and their children navigate this challenge.

As always, any and all relationship questions are invited to be submitted on the Ask Dr. Karen site throughout the month. I answer those chosen LIVE on air during my interview with anchor Sorboni Banerjee. If you wish to submit a question for the next ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment on FOX News Boston, remember  . . . anything goes! I look forward to answering YOUR question.


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