The Palin Radio Update With Dr. Karen Ruskin- Parenting Advice In The Aftermath Of The Connecticut Massacre

Dr. Karen Ruskin is on The Palin Radio Update with host Kevin Scholla. As a Psychotherapist and Family Therapist I provided my expertise during a LIVE interview to assist parents in the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut massacre. I shared on air, concrete tips for how parents can talk to their kids about this painful reality as well as how parents can cope with their anxiety reaction to such a horrific national tragedy. In addition, Governor Sarah Palin offers her take on – the elementary school shootings, of which Kevin asked my impression of some of her insights. I am humbled to be a part of such a hard working, renowned, and respected group of professionals- of course wishing tragedy did not bring us all together and rather more joyous of times. With that, we must all come together in helpful therapeutic discussions- of which I am proud to say is what happened during this radio interview. Listen anywhere, anytime:

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