Athletes and Mental Health

The 5 Part series on mental health in the NBA cannot go unnoticed, especially by a Psychotherapist such as myself in particular as I counsel professional athletes and coaches at the highest level as well as the college and High School level providing individual treatment, relationship/marriage counseling, and family therapy. I am so glad and proud of the NBA that they are highlighting mental wellness, as it is not just an NBA problem it is an everybody problem. Calling attention to mental health and wellness will indeed help the many. Thus, I wanted to make it a point to provide the link to the series on my blog today as I am confident there are a wide range of points and stories that the public will find helpful.

Additionally, below I have listed 6 talking points that I find helpful in the work that I do with my clientele. By listing them in this format I am hopeful other therapists will consider the significance in their work with clientele.

  1. Effects of social media on mental health (why & how to detach)
  2. NBA’s attention to mental wellness vs mental illness
  3. MVP: Meditation, Visualization, Positive self talk
  4. Stigma (Psychotherapist vs Performance Coach)
  5. Emotional Management (on and off the court)
  6. Types of counseling (CBT, ACT, Insight & awareness treatment, Systemic…)
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