Tips to Help Children Attain Academic Success

Nature vs. Nurture, the age old debate and important discussion as to what influences us as humans. When it comes to formal educational attainment and success, it is my strong opinion that this is not an either/or debate. As a psychotherapist working with individuals of all ages, families and couples, it is quite clear to me that the subject of nature vs. nurture is rather: nature AND nurture effects who we are. Thus, a both/and scenario not an either/or debate.

Joy Lim Nakrin & Dr. Karen Ruskin

During my regular bi-weekly mental health segment on NECN with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin where I provide analysis and tips on timely topics that viewers want to learn about, it is this most recent episode that the topic of nature vs. nurture and educational attainment was discussed. If you missed my live interview where we discuss a new study in ‘Nature Genetics’ revealing genes as predictor for educational attainment, my analysis, perspective and tips for parents and kids, I invite you to view it on demand: Nature vs. Nurture: educational attainment.

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