Beyonce’s Choice To Leave Jay Z Tied To Being A Role Model As A Mother?

It is not uncommon for a woman to leave her husband who has cheated on her reporting that she feels the message it sends to her child if she stays is far worse than if she leaves. Hollywood LifeLife & Style, and In Touch Magazine quoted me regarding this notion in reaction to the latest celebrity presenting as having marriage troubles asserting this notion includes: Beyonce and Jay Z.  

Certainly as the public we do  not know the details of their marital situation, only what is reported. If indeed the marriage is disharmonious, and if cheating is one of the pieces of their marital problems, Beyonce is not the first woman, nor will she be the last woman to make a decision to stay or leave based on evaluating what she feels is the best message for her child. Some women determine remaining in a marriage that is not providing for a healthy relationship dynamic is what makes sense to them, and better than divorce, whereas others leave. Whichever decision a woman makes, it is often connected with what she thinks is the right thing to do for her child. The public may judge, but in reality no one is the judge  nor jury as to what the right versus the wrong decision is. That is for each individual person and couple to decide.

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