Kids And Technology – Long Car Rides

Kids and technology – many debate regarding quality and quantity. The age of children and how long they should have their eyes looking at a screen is often in question. Through the years I have shared my insights and tips on television: Social Media Impact On Children – Are Kids Too Plugged In? (e.g., FOX & Friends First), in the office with clients, and most recently in The Wall Street Journal for an article written by Lindsay Gellman entitled: Road Trip: When It’s Ok To Give The Kids A Tablet. I invite you to check out this latest article, for this topic remains timely. If you are a parent, certainly it is topic on your mind.

Main points to be mindful of as a parent when it comes to children and technology:

  • age appropriate technology
  • balance between tech time and non tech time
  • help your children with options to help them connect with the varied beautiful options life has
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