Can you die of a broken heart?

NBC News Boston – TV show: ‘This is New England’ provided it’s viewers with a touching love story of a couple who died 6 hours apart, told by their adult son. During this special segment for Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day, I was asked to share my expertise as a Psychotherapist whom specializes in matters of the heart. Specifically, as a Marriage and Family Therapist I provided a special message that aired during this segment entitled: Can you die of a broken heart?  (My message begins at the 3 minute 44 second mark). I invite my following to check out this moving story. 

Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about love and loss including: tips for coping with grief, different kinds of love, and the mind-body connection (the heart and brain in communication), I invite you to check out my blog article: Love and Loss .

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