Suicide – Why? And Aaron Hernandez

The suicide of Aaron Hernandez has led to a discussion for many about the very topic of suicide. A serious topic. As a Psychotherapist, I have found through the years that the most common question asked when someone commits suicide (whether it is a celebrity, a family member, a friend…) is: why? Thus, this brief blog article touches upon the topic of why, in relationship to suicide.

Dr. Ruskin provides psychotherapeutic perspective on the topic of suicide.

Aaron’s demeanor in his most recent court room experience has led the public to analyze and wonder what his behavior meant, if there were warning signs to have known in advance that he was going to commit suicide, and if there were triggers. NBC News Boston came to my office based in Massachusetts on April 19th, the very day of his suicide, where I addressed on air these very points. During this interview when I was asked about his court room tears, I explained that we, as the “audience” so to speak, see a person’s response not just to the experience (in this case Aaron’s response to the court judgement), we are seeing behavior in response to “something deeper that is going on within the person’s self, the inner thoughts”. We as a public do not always know what those inner thoughts are of another person (in this case Aaron), when we see a particular behavior. I further explained: “to get to a point where a person commits suicide, it is a symptom of a loss of hope.” As to what Aaron lost hope about, what he felt he could no longer to live to endure, perhaps only he knew, and/or with the coming days we as a public may learn more.

If you would like to watch my interview on NBC New Boston, I invite you to do so: A psychological look at Aaron Hernandez’s suicide.

  • If you or someone you know is feeling hopeless, please seek out help from a mental health professional.
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