Teen Sexting – Is this normal? Sex Education in School?

February 28, 2018

Is sexting for teenagers normal? Should sexting be taught as a part of sexual education in school? These are the latest questions posed to me during an interview on FOX News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle. This blog article further explores the topic, post the interview.

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Porn Crisis – Effecting our Children’s Future

November 4, 2017

The Pornification of the American culture – this is the topic of discussion I participated in as a Psychotherapist/Marriage and Family Therapist Guest Expert on FOX News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle. If you missed this informative discussion between myself, host Laura Ingraham, and Sociologist Guest Expert Dr. Gail Dines, I invite you to watch on […]

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You Are A Football Mom When…

December 9, 2016

In contrast to the usual focus of my blog articles which provide tips, insight and perspective on varied mental health topics, relationships, marriage, dating, parenting, and timely topics in the news (e.g., politics, sports, celebrities) through my lens as a Psychotherapist/Marriage and Family Therapist, this blog rather shares my personalized experience as a mother. Specifically […]

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Parenting, Marriage And Personal Health

May 21, 2016

As Foxborough Regional Charter School’s (FRCS) Guest Speaker on parenting, I am taking a moment to write a brief blog to share that today’s ‘Engaged Families Conference’ which included several workshops for attendees to pick from with two rounds of opportunities – was a fabulous hit. It was a joy to be a part of […]

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Loss Of Custody- Not The End of Parenthood

March 26, 2016

In my 20+ years as a Family Therapist, I have seen many parents hurting from the challenge of custody battles. Celebrity Madonna has been in the news as of lately, as the custody battle between her and Guy Ritchie regarding their 15 year old son Rocco Ritchie is public knowledge. With that, Star Magazine reached […]

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Raising Teens Of This Generation – Parenting Kids Of Any Age

October 1, 2015

Raising teens of this generation matters, and the choices you make in how you interact with your kids of any age truly makes a difference! There are experiences most parents face that they view as challenges. How parents react to those challenges, and as such interact with their children, either creates an unhealthy dysfunctional parent-child […]

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Free Range Parenting Spoof – Therapist’s Memo

June 10, 2015

As a therapist who is often called upon by the media to share my insights on timely topics in the news, I was both intrigued by and excited about the opportunity to participate in an ensemble comedy piece about “free range parenting” on Comedy Central. In my blog article today, find this as a ‘therapist’s […]

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Non Traditional Summer Jobs For Teens Are Of Value

May 25, 2015

Dr. Karen Ruskin, known as “the voice of reason”, and Larry Winget, a self proclaimed “irrational speaker” debated on FOX News Channel’s ‘Your World With Neil Cavuto’, again… This time, the topic: Non Traditional Vs Traditional Summer jobs for teens. Brenda Buttner was in the chair for Neil. The question posed: is a non traditional […]

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Free Range Parenting In The News Again Vs. Helicopter Parents

April 13, 2015

Here we go . . .  “free range parenting” is in the news  . . . yet again. Free Range = Permissive Parenting “Free range”, from my perspective is simply permissive parenting when you allow one’s children who are between the ages of birth to age 10 to be without parental/adult oversight in unpredictable environments […]

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Tips For Fathers Of Daughters

March 9, 2015

The father – daughter relationship is very important! The father – daughter relationship is very important for the development of a young girl on into her adulthood. The connection, bond, interaction, pattern of relating with one another, communication, and overall parent-child experience affects who this female is and will ultimately become. During my interview in […]

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