You Are A Football Mom When…

In contrast to the usual focus of my blog articles which provide tips, insight and perspective on varied mental health topics, relationships, marriage, dating, parenting, and timely topics in the news (e.g., politics, sports, celebrities) through my lens as a Psychotherapist/Marriage and Family Therapist, this blog rather shares my personalized experience as a mother. Specifically the topic is: you know you are a football mom when… (of course, moms and dads of children who play other sports certainly will relate to much of this, but… today’s topic is, well, you get the idea. Here it is, my top 8 ways you know you are a football mom.

You Know You Are A Football Mom When… (a blog article “just for fun”)  

  1. After football practice, a bunch of teenage boys enter your car so smelly, that you open up all the windows in your car (regardless of the temperature outside) to drive them home. (Within one’s own self you smile feeling giddy about how emotionally and physically healthy the entire episode is).
  2. Last minute sleep overs are the norm, post a late night practice for an early game the next day. (Which includes: a. whipping up a last minute late night chow or ordering something in, b. hearing from the other room late night laughter and then complete silence of a pure relaxed state of sleep, c. being impressed that the kid who slept over made the bed he slept in before departure without being asked- so he’s a beast on the field with the politeness and behavior of a pro – ahhh, a significant reminder that parenting matters, d. making the boys a hearty breakfast and taking pride in it feeling like you are playing a role in your kid’s life and his teammate, e. over-hearing morning chatter about game plays and the team they are about to play…)
  3. You are always ready to roll at a moment’s notice to fulfill the ravenous needs of a crew of teenage boys (e.g., to either order in pizza as they suddenly are hanging out on a given afternoon/evening post school post football practice, or seeing them pile into your husband’s car or one of the other dad’s providing them with a requested ride to Buffalo Wild Wings knowing that in the next year or so they’ll be driving themselves so enjoying it now).
  4. Loud laughing boys talking the language of football with the intensity and excitement that cannot be described other than that it fills a parent’s heart with glee that such passion and fun is being experienced by one’s child and his friends. All talk all the time, before school, after school, before bed, and on weekends is: football. All background noise in the house is football: TV shows, cell phone videos, lap top videos; are either watching games participated in to review footage for how to improve, or watching NFL or college football.
  5. Chatting it up with the football moms and dads during the game and enjoying our shared experience with one another.
  6. Team dinners. The beauty of all the ages: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, hanging out eating together. And, the parents supplying meals, which has led to a recipe discovery of foods that one has never made before, adding it to one’s own home recipe options.
  7. Having fun and excelling in your washing talents as a parent (lol): (e.g., Regular washing of football clothes, becoming a pro toothbrush scrubber of the ingrained dirt out of the mouthpiece hanging from the helmet, picking turf off socks, even after you’ve washed them, wondering if the blood you are cleaning off of the helmet is from a cut or a pimple, experiencing genuine pride in becoming an A+ dirt chunks, grass blobs, and turf from cleats remover champion utilizing your spoon digging skills assuring not to “pull a Brady”, as here in Massachusetts we all know the story of Tom Brady cutting himself due to removing chunks from his cleats).
  8. Watching one’s son play a sport that he loves and has such passion for to excel that he works on it year round while balancing his other interests, to watch him in action is such a thrill. It is a blessing as a parent. To see the hard work and effort as a team – awesome, to see the interactive dynamics of the team – fabulous, to watch the plays being implemented and all of the training being put into action – super exciting, the coaches with the players – such an important dynamic. 

ballFootball season for the students may be over, but, basketball and snowboarding soon shall begin. Then baseball. Fishing. And then, football again! So, before ya know it, football will be back. Being a football mom is fun. For one’s child to have healthy interests in addition to school responsibility is wonderful for their health and wellness on all levels. When one’s children experience joy, ahhh, the joy of a parent! 


A Football mom, another season come and gone. Till next year!

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