Controversial Costume “Anna Rexia” Sparks Debate

Controversial costume sparks debate. Is the costume called: “Anna Rexia” symbolic for the lack of sensitivity for those with mental illness? Can this costume be used for some as a way to poke fun at the fact that they are not super skinny and actually make them feel good about themselves? Is anorexia considered a mental illness? The answers to these questions and more can be heard by watching an informative interview which aired this morning. Specifically, FOX 25 News Boston’s regular mental health guest expert, your very own, Dr. Karen Ruskin appeared live and was interviewed by Elizabeth “Lilly” Hopkins, where we discussed “Anna Rexia“.


2 thoughts on “Controversial Costume “Anna Rexia” Sparks Debate”

  1. I personally am appalled at this costume. I find that costumes that make fun of someone appearance that they have no control over. especially if its a disorder or a medical issue. I myself have been fighting for years to try and stop Halloween companies from making zombie costumes. its not my fault i got bit by a zombie when i was young and not only do i have to live with this crippling disease but now i have to feel self conscience about myself once a year. people will even say “hey nice costume” if only they knew the truth.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. As one reads it seemed so heart felt and serious, then upon further read as the sentences continued it seemed so, well, quite the opposite of that indeed. Sometimes in writing thoughts can get lost in translation.

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