Dr. Veronica Interviews Dr. Karen Ruskin – Social Media

Wellness For The Real World host Dr. Veronica Anderson (CNN contributor, surgeon, and radio host) interviewed Dr. Karen Ruskin discussing social media. It is during this interview where I shared with Dr. Veronica’s 7 million weekly listeners that social media is a relationship revolution and much of what is taking place I consider is indeed cheating. In addition I mentioned that Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual has been released and includes my further insights on cyber relationships, cheating prevention, and more . . .

Dr. Veronica  invited me to be a guest blogger on her site post the show to share my insights. You are welcome to read this blog.

In addition, if you missed this live interview, you may listen to it on demand.  (I am the second guest interviewed on a one hour program which was at the 15 minute mark).

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