Wellness For The Real World Dr. Veronica Interviews Dr. Karen Ruskin

Social Media is here to stay! Wellness For The Real World Dr. Veronica Anderson shall interview your very own, Dr. Karen Ruskin, Psychotherapist and relationship expert (author The 9 Key Techniques) and soon to be released; Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, along with a fantastic line up of guests including:  former Eminem bodyguard Byron Williams (bestselling author Shady Bizzness); cyber-dating expert Julie Spira (bestselling author The Perils of Cyber-Dating);  relationship coach Julie Orlov (author The Pathway to Love); and award-winning author Robert Redinger (The Sylvan Horn).

Sexting, Facebook, Twitter, Chat rooms . . . Do we need to redefine “morality”? The question many ask is; “If a person has an erotic exchange with someone they’ve never met, is that cheating”? Tune in on Tuesday June 21st, this panel discussion shall air live from 8 PM – 9 PM, or you may listen on demand: Wellness For The Real World with Dr. Veronica on blog talk radio.


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